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John & I with our first four dogs, from left, Vizslas Fynn & Red, Wires Lana & Brokk.
Photo: Bernard Rose
August 2020, from left, Raina, Csinos, Csoda, Story, Huncut & Ostor
May 2020, from left, Story, Csinos, Ostor, Huncut, Raina, Csoda
August 2014, from left, Ostor, Lana, Tallon, Huncut, Csoda, Brokk, & Csinos sitting
August 2014, from left, Ostor, Lana, Tallon, Huncut, Csoda, Brokk, Samu, & Csinos sitting

Dogs have always been a part of our lives, and it was with much thought that our first dog together was a Hungarian Vizsla bitch called Red who came to us as a puppy in 1999. A year later we were joined by another Vizsla called Fynn, and the two of them became the firmest of friends and gave us much pleasure training them to work on local shoots in Gloucestershire.

In 2004, our first HWV, Brokk, came into our lives, and little did we know the impact this very special dog would have on us. With the dogs in mind, my husband, John, and I moved to the edge of Snowdonia National Park in North Wales in 2006 where we now have enough space and time to have a houseful of Wires.

What a fantastic, biddable breed this is. We are well and truly smitten by their endearing characteristics. The dogs live with us indoors, and are considered to be important family members. We find them to be laid back, loyal and incredibly loving. Their sensitive nature is not for everyone and they do not do well with harsh handling. All our dogs have plenty of exercise, and we are fortunate to have mountains and moorland on our doorstep where they free run and hunt daily. Their happy and active outdoor life ensures they are kept in peak condition, and it’s hard to beat the sight of them enjoying life with the Snowdonia mountain range as a backdrop.

We have made many new friends because of these wonderful dogs, and during the past 17 years achieved numerous successes in the show ring, including Brokk becoming Pedigree/Dog World Top HWV in 2007 and Huncut winning Best of Breed at Crufts 2014.

In October 2013 we fulfilled a dream and bred our long-awaited first litter.

Wires are a major part of our life and I am a member of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association. I have passed the HWVA Breed Specific Seminar and judge Wires at Open show level. I am also a member of Caernarfon and District Canine Society, Anglesey Canine Society and Gundog Club of North Wales.

We welcome enquiries from like-minded people, and are more than happy to discuss the breed with you.

Rachel Walker

After a swim, from left, Tallon, Lana, Huncut, Csoda, Brokk
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From left, Huncut, Csoda, Brokk, Lana, Tallon