Bayside Brokk of Lanokk ShCM

08.07.04 – 14.03.18

Zachary Des Champs Des Dunes at Gonegos X Gonegos Macha

Pedigree/Dog World Top HWV 2007

“When tomorrow starts without me
Don’t think we’re far apart
For every time you think of me
I’m right here inside your heart”

Brokk, 13 years old, July 2017

Brokk is truly a very special dog, and we feel so fortunate every day to have have him in our lives. He is full of character, with the kindest disposition – we really couldn’t ask for a more loving and loyal dog. Take him out in the fields or on to the moor, and he is a confident hunter, ranging wide, but always keeping a watchful eye on you. Responsive to commands and so eager to please, he is an absolute pleasure.

His showing career was impressive. From the outset he gained Best Puppy in Breed at both open and championship levels, and his success grew in adulthood. He was awarded his first Best Dog at a championship show at National Gundog at the age of 12 months. During 2007 he took six Best of Breeds and one Best Rare Breed at Championship level, and Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show at all group open shows, as well as group placings. Brokk was awarded Reserve Best in Show at a gundog open show in May 2008. He was awarded 2 x Gundog Group 2 placings at all group open shows in May 2009, and Best of Breed at National Gundog 2009.

We are thrilled that Brokk was Pedigree/Dog World Top HWV 2007. He gained the Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit in May 2008.

He also competed in, and was placed at, working tests as a youngster.

Brokk has sired some super litters, and as well as in the UK, has offspring in France, Hungary, Australia, the United States and Bermuda. For further details of his progeny, click here.

Brokk is hip scored and HUU tested.

 Judges’ critiques

“Excellent example of the breed, very good for type, not too heavy, well chiselled head, active ears, superb proportions, coupled with good angles, coarse coat, good tail carriage, looked amazing on the move, so light-footed but ultra sound.”
Best NSC Gundog
Mike Vines, Caernarfon & DCS, March 2010

“Mature dog, well made all through, balanced head with good set eye and typical expression, strong well furnished muzzle, neat neck and shoulders with good length of upper arm, strong limbs and feet, excellent body and ribs, strong back, good tuck and hindquarters, correct coat texture, moved with soundness, power and drive, scored in ribcage over less mature rival.”
Best of Breed
Jinty Gill Davis, Ruthin CS, May 2009

“Medium throughout. A good blueprint for the breed. Rich russet in colour, Correct head, nice eye and ear placement, eye slightly darker than coat. Super wire coat, correct furnishings. Nice flews and dentition, correct scissor bite. Medium slightly arched neck leading into well laid back shoulders and correct return of upper arm. Straight forelegs, correct slope of pasterns and feet. Correct width of ribs, would like longer length. Short and strong loin holding the rear quarters together. Nicely muscled croup and strength in 1st and 2nd thigh. Well let down hocks. All confirmed in the movement.”
Best Dog
Jonathan Parry, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2009

“Well balanced male, great quality, super head, moved well.
Best of Breed
Liz Rose-Hay, Gundog Club of North Wales, May 2009

“Father and son (in this class) and a lovely pair they make, 1 is of very good type with a lovely head and eye, clean outline with good neck and shoulder, strong quarters, liked his alert expression, attitude and powerful driving action.”
Best of Breed
Sue Shinkfield, Anglesey CS, May 2009

“Lovely W/h Vizsla, sire to my BNSC, similar qualities to his daughter, preferred her length of head and free movement.”
Lyn Hunter, Caernarfon & DCS, November 2008

“Wirehaired Vizsla male, well made from every angle, good topline when stacked and on the move, straight front, well padded feet, balanced head, good eye, strong hindquarters used to advantage when gaiting round the ring, had to be good to beat second place.”
Best NSC Gundog
Sue Goodwin, Ruthin Canine Society, July 2008

“Smart well made Wirehaired Vizsla, rough coat, adequate angulation, level back, good head shape, nice expression, straight front, moved well. Handsome dog with lovely outline in excellent condition.”
Best NSC
Anita Roberts, Gundog Club of North Wales, May 2008

“Shapely dog with broad skull, good expression. Strong muzzle and neck, very good boned limbs and feet, good depth of ribs but would prefer them to be longer. Good topline, well angulated behind, in very good coat, moved OK.”

And with his daughter, Lana, in Brace…. “Very well mannered pair who seemed to know exactly what was expected of them moving virtually stride for stride.”
Best Brace
Sharon Pinkerton, HWVA Open Show, April 2008

“Liked his eye shape which gave good expression, good shape and make all through, good bone and feet, moved freely.”
Sara Barnard, WELKS Championship Show, April 2008

“Masculine head, excellent moulding to skull and muzzle, correct eye and expression, fair neck and forehand, good substance to bone in legs and feet. Well made ribs and body, excellent skin and texture to coat and furnishings.”
Reserve Best of Breed (Best of Breed goes to his daughter, Lana)
Jinty Gill Davis, Goyt Valley Gundog, March 2008

“Outmoved the class, firm in construction, balanced angulation, not overdone, gave him a free flowing and fluid action. Ample bone, super tight feet, eye shape and colour gave a kind expression.”
Reserve Best Dog
Chris Atkinson, Crufts, March 2008

“Super headed Wirehaired Vizsla, pleasing in front and shoulder placement, moved well covering the ground and holding a level topline.”
Best NSC Gundog
Glenis Williams, Caernarfon & DCS, February 2008

“Handsome, upstanding young dog, good strong head, straight front, moved with drive.”
Best of Breed
Mike Egan, Merseyside Gundog, February 2008

“Well balanced, mature dog, good clean lines, true in front, balanced head with a kind eye.”
Best NSC Gundog
Ron Billows, Heywood & Radcliffe CS, January 2008

“Quality dog, with similar attributes to PG winner (Leiborschy Lana of Lanokk, Best of Breed), but would have liked more spring of rib. Nice head, well balanced, deep brisket, tight feet, good angulation, good mover.”
Teresa Snaith, Merseyside Gundog, November 2007

“Nice head and expression, nice front, good bone and reach of neck, nice shoulders, lovely topline, nice body, good hindquarters, moved well, well presented.”
Best Rare Breed
Derek Allsopp, Llandudno CS, January 2008

“Well presented in his rich wiry russet jacket, a nice picture on the stance and the move, having a better outline with good tail carriage, just preferred the showmanship of 1. Smaller dog and of a different type than 1 but with good overall balance, lovely head and kind eye, well coated head, nice depth of chest and body, good front angles and muscletone to moderate turn of stifle, lovely type, good legs and feet, sound mover.”
Jenny Miller, Manchester Championship Show, January 2008

“Presents a typical outline, excels in head and expression, withers correct, deep chest, strong loin, strong quarters, strong and powerful mover, moving true all round, correct coat, dense and short, good colouration.”
Best NSC Gundog
Hazel Leary, Rhyl CS, November 2007

“Young dog, gorgeous head and expression, good coat, moves well, well handled. Not enough of him but a great ambassador for the breed.”
Reserve Best Dog
Doreen Smillie, Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2007

“Male, loved his head, neck and shoulders, well boned true front, good deep chest, lovely breast bone, ample body substance, good rear angulation, correct coat texture, moved with purpose and with ease covering the ground well, level topline and correct tail carriage.”
Best NSC Gundog
Tom Graham, Caernarfon & DCS, November 2007

“Smart dog, very typical and presenting a clean outline, excelled in skull proportions, expression, eye and leathers. Good front and feet, forehand assembly and hindquarters, lovely on the move, a joy to go over.”
Best Dog
Di Arrowsmith, Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show, October 2007

“Balanced, well proportioned head, good shoulder, front and ribs, strong quarters, effortless mover, good coat.”
Best Dog
Valerie Foss, Richmond Championship Show, September 2007

“Good head and reach of neck, good front with nice tight feet, good depth of chest, good rear angulation, a superb coat, level topline, a very balanced picture, sound on the move, well handled.”
Best Dog
BEST OF BREED (Best Opposite Sex goes to his daughter, Lana)
Jean Robertson, Darlington Championship Show, September 2007

“Very typical dog, excellent head proportions and correct expression, correct furnishing on head, good wire coat throughout, good neck, well laid shoulders with correct return of upper arm, good forechest and balance, correct topline held firmly on the move, such sound steady movement, superbly handled.”
Best Dog
Jean Fairlie, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2007

“Medium sized, russet coloured dog with an excellent wire coat covering the entire body. Nice head, slightly broad at the rear of the skull. Correct eye colour and shape, well filled out cheek and correct shape of muzzle. Correct dentition and flews. Straight front with correct width, very good feet. Clean neck slightly arched, well laid shoulders, correct shape of rib but could reach slightly further back. Well balanced rear, moved with good reach and drive holding topline.”
Best Dog
Jonathan Parry, Paignton Championship Show, July 2007

“This pair of Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas were a sire and daughter combination and were a perfect match, they showed and moved to perfection to win their place in such a strong class, both had good coats and were of correct size.”
2nd AV Brace (11 exhibits)
Pam Blay, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2007

“This one has matured well. Soft kind eyes, facial furnishings sufficient. Harsh coat of good colour. Straight front and topline both standing and moving. Preferred his confidence in the challenge.”
Best Dog
Pauline Packham, The National Championship Show, May 2007

“Smaller, darker coloured male than 1. Well furnished head with dark eye and gentle expression. Clean neck into good front. Topline held on the move, well turned stifles, in good condition. Correct coat covering his whole body.”
Reserve Best Dog
Rachel Thompson, Three Counties Championship Show, June 2007

“Handsome dog of nearly 3 years and sire of my BP. Masculine but nothing overdone. Good bone and feet. Loved his head and expression. Nice arched neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good length of back and a strong deep chest. Good harsh coat and in hard muscular condition. Strong hindquarters which he used on the move. Liked him from every angle. A well deserved BOB.”
Best of Breed
Emma Davies, Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool CS, March 2007

“Medium sized dog with a lovely head and expression from dark eyes, good neck, well boned limbs and tight feet. Good hindquarters, in good coat, moved OK.”
Best of Breed
Sharon Pinkerton, Stoke on Trent Gundog, January 2007

“Medium sized russet dog, excellent wire coat covering entire body, correct head proportions slightly broad at back of the skull, correct eye shape and colour, lively, intelligent expression, correct dentition, straight front, best of feet, decent lay of shoulder and upper arm, moderate spring of rib, deep chest, short, level back, sloping towards tailset. Moderate angulation, well let down hocks, moved well.”
Best of Breed
Diane Parry, Merseyside Gundog, February 2007

“Young dog who is a good typey example of the breed, handsome head, correct coat, good feet, held topline well on the move and had good reach and drive.”
Marion McAngus, Manchester Championship Show, January 2007

“Good through head, neck, shoulder, bone and feet, well balanced, good body and correct tailset, moved well in profile.”
Best Dog
Jan Wood, LKA Championship Show, December 2006

“Correct size, beautiful coat and colour, excellent head planes and parallels. Correct mouth, moved beautifully both in profile and fore and aft, correct angulations.”
Pat Baker, HWVA Open Show, September 2006

“Very correct for size and balance and type, excellent head and eye, superb coat and colour. Still not fully mature in body but full of quality. Destined for a good career.”
Reserve Best Dog
Frank Kane, Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2006

“Handsome dog, kind expression, strong neck, good depth of chest, correct tailset, correctly angulated and balanced which showed on the move, in time will come into his own.”
Best of Breed
Gill Buller, Coventry Gundog, March 2006

“Another nice type of dog with a pleasing outline. Correct head and neck, good level topline and good angulation. Correct coat and colour and moved freely.”
Reserve Best of Breed
Geoff Hargreaves, Mid-Western Gundog, March 2006

“Nice young dog, typical head, balanced outline, good topline and tailset, good coat, nice feet, moved well.”
Wendy Lovell, Coventry Gundog, November 2005

“Shows such promise, maturing at correct pace for age and not overdone in any way, harsh russet coat with good face furnishings, clean in skull with masculine but not coarse expression, stood over his ground on good feet, good front assembly, deepening in brisket, well laid shoulders, strong topline and well set tail, excellent muscle tone which showed in his sound and driving movement.”
Reserve Best Dog
Chris Guest, Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2005

“Excellent young dog, would like a little more of him throughout. Broad in the rear of the skull, lovely expression, well proportioned muzzle, good mouth, good straight front and feet, correct medium angulations and well balanced, good ribbing, coat of very good quality, moved well with drive and reach, holding topline well, pushed very hard for BD, certainly one to watch.”
Reserve Best Dog
Jonathan Parry, Driffield Championship Show, October 2005

“Lovely colour and coat, excellent head type. Better in croup and tail than 1, but couldn’t match him on the move. Pressed hard for RBD, another 6 months will do a lot for him, looked a teenager but will finish very well.”
Frank Kane, Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, August 2005

“I was impressed with his coat, conformation and general style. As he matures, he surely will do very well.”
Best Dog
Anna Coombe, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2005

“Lovely head on this dog, just needs to mature on but has type.”
Best Puppy in Breed
Patsy Hollings, South Wales Championship Show, July 2005

“Well balanced 11 month old, beautiful head and expression, correct coat, good bone and rear angulation, moved with drive.”
Best Puppy in Breed
Jean Cameron, Three Counties Championship Show, June 2005

“Just developing wire in coat, exquisite head proportions and expression, balanced.”
Jean Fairlie, Birmingham National Championship Show, May 2005

“Smart young dog, excellent make and shape, good head and eye, nice body, good bone, excellent coat, sound stylish mover.”
Best Puppy in Breed
Moray Armstrong, WELKS Chonship Show, April 2005

“Smart baby for 8 months, nice skull and squared off muzzle with rough hair on foreface and brows, arched neck, good shoulders and topline to well carried tail, well bodied for age with depth, elbows in at side, straight well boned legs at front and enough stifle with good hocks, in good textured coat, sound both ends.”
Best Puppy in Breed
Jenny Miller, Nuneaton Canine Society, March 2005