Gosflight Tallon of Lanokk

04.10.08 – 10.08.16

Bayside Brokk of Lanokk ShCM X Popeshill Peppermint

Forever in our hearts, we miss you special boy

September 2015

Tallon coming to live with us was a foregone conclusion from the moment we first met him at the tender age of four weeks. The most adorable and loving dog, he charms everyone he meets with his kind nature and handsome looks, and is a firm favourite with visitors.

He was spotted by premium pet food producer Arden Grange when he was just 11 weeks old, and has been one of their canine models ever since, regularly appearing in their promotional material.

Tallon had many successful appearances in the show ring as an adult, and as a puppy, which included being awarded Reserve Best Puppy in Show at his first show aged six months, and Best Puppy in Show at the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Show aged 11 months.

Meet Tallon, and you will love him – no question!

Tallon is hip scored.

Judges’ Critiques

“A lot to like about this boy, nice head shape and expression, clean neck, correct shoulder placement and topline into excellent rear assembly, good colour of coat, well padded feet, overall very pleasing and moved soundly with plenty of drive.”
Best of Breed
Sue Margerison, Gundog Club of North Wales, November 2010

“Balanced head, good neck and shoulders, deep chest, good outline, good bend of stifle.”
Ann Moss, Rhyl CS, November 2010

“Excellent coat and colour, lovely typical head and expression, good temperament, very good angulation, a joy to watch him move.”
Reserve Best Dog
Pat Baker, SWKA Championship Show, October 2010

“Nice boy, preferred head of 1, but nice eyes and expression, very good coat, quite rangy and lacked some depth in chest, OK on the move.”
Jean Robertson, HWVA Open Show, September 2010

“Nice head, good body, bone, legs and feet, nice tailset, moved soundly.”
Best Rare Breed
Joe Chorley, Welsh Northern Counties and Colwyn CC, May 2010

“Taller male with very good head, medium length of neck, good lay of shoulder blades. Would like a little more angulation to upper arm. Straight forelegs, a little upright in pasterns. Correct length of back, strong level topline, decent ribs,  moderate hind angulation, strong rear pasterns, very good mover.”
Chris Bexon, Crufts, March 2010

“Decent youngster, top end for size, head and expression very typy. Will benefit from a larger ring where he can show his driving action to advantage.”
Best of Breed
Barbara Hargreaves, Merseyside Gundog, February 2010

“This 11-month dog has a lovely balanced head with good shape and colour, good length of neck into well-laid shoulder, good front, bone and feet. Mature for age with good depth and spring. He has a good turn of stifle. On the move he was sound and positive.”
Mick Howes, City of Birmingham Championship Show, September 2009

“Alone but a nice dog, good head, eye to darken. Still needs to drop in chest. Good colour and texture to coat, moved well in profile.”
Sara Barnard, Manchester Championship Show, January 2010

“Eleven months dog of deep russet colour, nice head with sufficient beard, intelligent expression, level topline, good tailset, good lay of shoulder with straight front legs. Needs to drop in chest. Moved freely around the ring to win Best Puppy in Show.”
Best Puppy Dog
Barbara Stamp, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Open Show, September 2009

“Very appealing head, balanced and well proportioned. Chest needs to drop a bit. Straight front and good, long upper arms, very good, well arched feet, coat harsh.”
Margaret Holmes, Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, August 2009

“Correct head proportions, eye shape and muzzle, excellent coat, straight front, good feet, well laid shoulders. Good length of rib and correct loin, but needs a stronger deeper ribcage. A very confident dog, excellent temperament.”
Jonathan Parry, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2009

“Skull moderately wide, medium stop and muzzle slightly shorter, oval eyes, has layback of shoulder, moderate angulation, tail low set and well carried, harsh coat with furnishings.”
Brenda Banbury, Leeds Championship Show, July 2009

“Young male getting up to size, good angles and substance, clean head and expression.”
Mac Shutt, Dovey Valley CS, April 2009