Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk (Imp Srb) JW ShCM


Fr/Int Ch, ChR-09 Tr Django du Domaine Saint Hubert X JWW, HJCH, HCH Zoldmali Fecske


Kefir joined us, aged 15 weeks, in January 2016. We have long admired her successful parents, and the opportunity to import her was too good to turn down. A very pretty puppy from an exceptional litter, she settled in well with our other dogs.

We are delighted with how she is maturing. An extremely well put together bitch with a superb wire coat, fantastic hunter and stylish pointer, as well as affectionate and loyal. We couldn’t ask for more.

Kefir is hip scored and HUU Clear by parentage.

Some of Kefir’s achievements in the show ring are as follows:

  • Group 1, Merioneth, 23 months
  • Reserve Bitch CC, Border Union Championship Show, 20 months
  • Group 4, Royal Welsh Premier Show, 20 months
  • Group 1, Anglesey, 19 months
  • Group 2, Llandudno, 17 months
  • 1st Post Graduate Bitch, Crufts, 17 months
  • Group 1, Caernarfon, 17 months
  • Best in Show 3, Yorkshire Gundog, 17 months
  • Awarded Kennel Club Junior Warrant at 16 months
  • Reserve Best Bitch, Manchester Championship Show, 16 months
  • Reserve Best in Show, Goyt Valley Gundog, 15 months
  • Youngest HWV to be awarded the Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit at 14 months
  • Group 1 & Best in Show, Southport & Birkdale, 14 months
  • Group 1, Rhyl, 13 months
  • Reserve Bitch CC, Midland Counties Championship Show (& Kennel Club stud book number), 13 months
  • Reserve Best Bitch, Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show, 12 months
  • Reserve Best Bitch, Driffield Championship Show, 12 months
  • Group 3 and Puppy Group 1, Merioneth
  • Best Puppy in Breed, Windsor Championship Show
  • Best Puppy in Show 3, Shropshire Gundog
  • Best Puppy in Show, HWVA Championship Show, 6 months
  • Puppy Group 2, Oswestry, her first show

Judges’ Critiques

“Rising two-year-old bitch whom I thought just stunning. Correctly made all the way through. So well muscled. Moved with so much style and at one with her expert handler, a real joy to go over … my BOB and G1.”
Best of Breed
Dianne Rourke-Knights, Merioneth, August 2017

“One I have judged and admired before and is maturing into a super bitch, classic head with lovely expression, low set ears, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, chest deep and ribs well sprung, level topline, strong well muscled hindquarters. Moved so well in the challenge with that extra sparkle to earn her BNSC, G1.”
Best NSC Gundog
Colin Woodward, Anglesey, May 2017

“Walker’s Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk JW ShCM. I thought this young lady was just outstanding, beautiful outline displaying good balance. Well proportioned feminine head, ears set in correctly, eye colour complimenting her coat colour, moderate slightly arched neck; good lay of shoulder, straight forelegs and slightly sloping pasterns, excellent topline and croup. Moderate hind angulation and strong well let down hocks, good coat texture. So sound and true, a perfect package making her my group winner today. A future champion surely!”
Best of Breed
Bridgette Bodle, Caernarfon, March 2017

“First impression when moving is of a well structured bitch and she did not disappoint when handled. Nicely balanced head with a strong neck of good length. Well laid shoulders into a strong straight back. Close elbows and neat feet. Good depth of chest with an appropriate width and moderate spring to ribs. Good coarse coat. Strong muscles to hindquarters to produce a clean driving action. Easily the best moving dog in this class today.”
Peter Harper, CRUFTS, March 2017

“17 months bitch, excellent throughout. Beautiful head, good length of muzzle, well boned, straight front with depth to brisket. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, marvellous coat and condition. Moved true fore and aft. Lovely exhibit shown and handled well. Pleased to see her BIS3.”
Best of Breed
Ian Halbert, Yorkshire Gundog, February 2017

“What a lovely example of the breed, feminine head and soft expression, good eye with raise of brow, strong neck into well laid shoulders, firm topline with tail well set, good bone, straight limbs, neat feet, nice depth of brisket and ribs well sprung, strong quarters allowing her to move with drive, I understand this win gives her the JW, well done.”
Best of Breed
Shortlisted for Best in Show
Brian Limpus, Merseyside Gundog, February 2017

“Sixteen months young bitch whom I have had the pleasure of judging before and yet again she didn’t let me down. Full of quality, true and balanced outline, strong neck, shoulders well laid back, deep chest and good spring of rib, moved around the ring with drive and now has the ring presence, shown in good coat and condition.”
Best of Breed
Shortlisted for Best in Show

Roger Perkins, Stoke on Trent Gundog, January 2017

“A sound young bitch of excellent conformation. Pleasing head proportions with intelligent expression. Correct front assembly and well developed hindquarters with strong hocks. When stacked I found her balanced throughout and very sound on the move. Correct harsh wire coat. One destined for top honours once fully mature.”
Reserve Best Bitch
Jean Byrne, Manchester Championship Show, January 2017

“Fifteen months bitch. Feminine yet robust with correct outline and level back. Good angulation and tail carriage. Moved well in the space available. Cracking harsh double coat of correct colour. BOB, delighted to see her win RBIS! Well done.”
Best of Breed

Lindsay Belcher, Goyt Valley Gundog, January 2017

“Quality young bitch of excellent breed type showing typical outline, medium sized with correct proportions being slightly longer than tall. Correct head proportions and darkening eye, intelligent expression. Good layback of shoulder, correct depth and spring of ribs carried well back. Good width of thigh, hocks well let down. Excellent coat texture. Moved true with good outline holding topline. BOB, G1, BIS, well done.”
Best of Breed
Alex Friar, Southport & Birkdale, November 2016

“Best in Show was Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk. I was very pleased with the lovely quality from the gundogs and was at the end of the day totally in love with my final winner, a wonderful W/h Vizsla bitch that caught my eye when she came in the ring, and I could not get my eyes from her. Lovely balanced beautiful bitch.”

Gera Toeters-Reithoff, Southport & Birkdale, November 2016

“Feminine with all the breed essentials. Medium sized with good coat. Correct head and eye. Neck flowing into lovely shoulders. Straight front. Strong well proportioned body. Deep chest. Correct ribcage. Level topline. Thighs well developed. Sound free mover in hard condition.”
Reserve Best Bitch Challenge Certificate
Valerie Foss, Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2016

“Just 13 months old but so balanced throughout, there is no doubt she is feminine but has the required strength to do a day’s work. Pleasing head with correct eye, strong jaw, ample neck and well laid shoulders. Well proportioned body with harsh jacket. Moves out soundly and effortlessly.”
Best NSC Gundog
Jane Graham, Rhyl, November 2016

“What a lovely quality bitch of 12 months, beautiful feminine head with good strength in muzzle, this one caught my eye, lovely outline, in good wire coat, good bone and feet. Good front assembly and excellent spring of ribs going into short strong loin, strong well made quarters, good tailset, moved soundly with lots of drive covering the ground well.”
Reserve Best Bitch
Colin Woodward, Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show, October 2016

“This young bitch took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Loved her quality, substance and breed type. Presented a very balanced outline with good angulation fore and aft. A very feminine head and soft expression with correct neck into well placed shoulders. Correct coat texture and colour. She moved very positively with lots of reach and drive.”
Best of Breed
Anne Burns, Pwllheli, October 2016

“A very well constructed youngster. Very pleasing in head with adequate stop. Good front assembly with elbows tight. Right amount of rear angulation and presents a pleasing outline when stacked. Correct harsh wire coat. Moved soundly with drive. Well handled.”
Jean Byrne, Pwllheli, October 2016

“A very balanced bitch of good size and proportions, pleasing head, neck and shoulders, level topline and well angulated quarters. She moved and showed well.”
Best of Breed
Sandra Lane, Llandudno, October 2016

“Lovely bitch, excellent breed type, moved well.”
Reserve Best Bitch
Lesley Trow, Driffield Championship Show, September 2016

“Excellent W/h Vizsla who I have admired before and see no reason to change my opinion, she is maturing up into an absolute beauty, lovely type, made well throughout, in excellent coat and condition, so well balanced, moved so well to win her place.”
2nd AV Gundog Yearling Bitch Stakes
Pam Blay, Driffield Championship Show, September 2016

“What a wonderful bitch this youngster is, so much to like. She has a very pretty head with a really soft expression. Plenty of substance but still feminine throughout. Well angulated fore and aft. She moved with style. Shown with coat of really good texture. BP and a well deserved BOB.”
Best of Breed
Best Puppy in Breed
Lesley Armstrong-Rodgers, Merioneth, August 2016

“Quality youngster. Correctly furnished head into clean neck. Well assembled front and shoulder. Good bone and tight feet. Correct topline held on the move. Strong rear assembly with good width of thigh. Moved well for her age.”
Best Puppy Bitch
Best Puppy in Breed
Rachel Thompson, Windsor Championship Show, July 2016

“Walker’s Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk, at nearly 9 months an exciting prospect. Very co-ordinated for one so young, balanced on the stack and move. Strong limbs that your hands flowed over, firm topline. The harshest of jackets covering a well constructed youngster. For me a little strong in head and the eyes need to darken, this will come with time and will soften her in outlook.”
Chris Guest, Three Counties Championship Show, June 2016

“Walker’s Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk, oh wow, how lucky this owner is! What a little cracker with such potential, I just can’t believe how balanced she is, it is as if she has been here before because she knew exactly what to do and she did it all with style and panache. In lovely coat and condition, not overcoated but what she has is the correct texture, such a feminine head and expression, excellent neck and shoulders, strong topline and well set tail, lovely type and she is quality. I can’t wait to see her progress. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.”
Best Puppy Bitch
Pam Blay, HWVA Championship Show, April 2016