Leiborschy Lana of Lanokk


Bayside Brokk of Lanokk ShCM X Leiborschy Lajka

Lana, March 2017

Daughter of our Brokk from his first litter, Lana is such an easy and biddable girl to live with. She has grown up to be a lovely lady with a devilish streak that keeps our other dogs on their toes. Very fit and active, she maintains a young and happy outlook on life.

She is up for anything, so enthusiastic, and a real tomboy when it comes to climbing every hill and mound possible when out on walks. She adores retrieving from land and water, loves to please, and brings us much happiness.

Retired from the show ring now, Lana notched up many successes in her showing career, with puppy group, adult group and Reserve Best Puppy in Show placings at open shows, and at championship level, two Reserve Best Bitch and two Best Bitch awards.

Lana is hip scored.









Judges’ Critiques

“Lovely headed bitch with well proportioned skull, straight front, adequate angulation and level back. Moved well.”
Anita Roberts, Ruthin CS, July 2011

“Feminine bitch with good length of body, lovely head and eye, well laid shoulder, straight front with good bone, sufficient depth of chest and well ribbed back, correct topline, well angulated stifles with good width of thigh, wire coat of good texture, covered her ground on the move and tracking true.”
Best Bitch
Rachel Thompson, Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2010

“Liked her as a youngster and she did not disappoint today. A very good sound girl. Good head, good coat, good topline, good depth of chest, and good angulation front and rear. Moved very well indeed and very well presented.”
Jean Robertson, HWVA Open Show, September 2010

“Lovely bitch, beautifully made, so clean over the shoulder, sound on the move.”
Best of Breed
Liz Rose-Hay, Ruthin CS, July 2010

“Completed an excellent trio. In super condition, lovely head, neck, shoulders and topline. Perhaps a tad too much tuck up compared to 1 and 2, but has very good hind angulation. Moved well.”
Chris Bexon, Crufts, March 2010

Good type, coat and colour, neck into good lay of shoulder and forechest, stands over the ground well with good quarters, moved well.”
Sara Barnard, Manchester Championship Show, January 2010

“Excellent coat, good bone & feet, balanced all through, pleasing head, good rib, topline & tailset, sound mover.”
Carole Coode, Crufts, March 2009

“Pleasing bitch with appealing head and eye, good arch to neck, well laid clean shoulders, tight elbows, good bone and feet, well sprung rib with wide well muscled loin and quarters, well let down hocks, excellent coat texture, moved straight and true with an easy stride.”
Sandy Platt, Rhyl CS, November 2008

 “Balanced young lady, shown and handled well to her advantage, good length of head, tapering slightly with a square muzzle, sufficient bone, compact body, tight feet, in good coat, moved true.”
Best NSC Gundog
Lyn Hunter, Caernarfon & DCS, November 2008

“Slightly finer bitch than 1 but very feminine with a pretty head, good bone and a well presented coat in excellent condition, good neck and shoulders, well proportioned body, moved well, looking particularly good in profile giving a good forward reach.”
Pam Blay, South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show, July 2008

“Pleasing type, nice head, deep balanced body with plenty of substance, in good coat and condition, moved well.”
John Thirwell, Birmingham National Championship Show, May 2008

“Very pretty bitch with quite a strong head. Eyes need to keep darkening. Good boned limbs and rounded feet, long neck into clean shoulders and good length of upper arm, lovely spring of ribs, good topline and croup, very good hindquarters, moved well, in very good coat.”

And with her sire, Brokk, in Brace…. “Very well mannered pair who seemed to know exactly what was expected of them moving virtually stride for stride.”
Best Brace
Sharon Pinkerton, HWVA Open Show, April 2008

“Good skull and muzzle, strong jaws and broad nose, correct eye set and colour, neat fine ears, excellent head carriage, neck and forehand construction, good bone structure to limbs and feet, well made ribcage with sturdy body and couplings, powerful loin and muscular thighs, scored on second thighs and strength of pasterns.”
Best of Breed (Reserve Best of Breed goes to her sire, Brokk)
Jinty Gill Davis, Goyt Valley Gundog, March 2008

“Overall sound conformation, good coat, good depth to elbows, correct angulation, good spring of rib, good feet, nice head, kind expression, good shoulder placement, level topline.”
Best of Breed
Teresa Snaith, Merseyside Gundog, November 2007

“Nice head and expression, nice front, good bone and reach of neck, nice shoulders, good topline, nice body, good hindquarters, well presented, very sound.”
Derek Allsopp, Llandudno CS, January 2008

“Quality bitch, lovely head and eye, good front angulation, correct depth to body, strong loin and well developed quarters, good tailset, lovely tight feet, in super coat and condition, moved very well.”
Catherine Carter, Coventry Gundog Society, December 2007

“Really moves well, good coat, nice feminine head, good depth and turn of stifle, powerful rear.”
Reserve Best Bitch
Doreen Smillie, Midland Counties Championship Show, October 2007

“Very promising Wirehaired Vizsla, balanced feminine head, correct eye, well set ears, sufficient depth of chest for age, level topline, strong rear, moved out well. Pushed hard for Best NSC Gundog.”
Tom Graham, Caernarfon & DCS, November 2007

“Balanced, true topline and tail, strong front and quarters, moved well.”
Reserve Best Bitch
Valerie Foss, Richmond Championship Show, September 2007

“Lovely girl, pretty head, good reach of neck, good front with tight feet, good depth of chest, nice rear angulation, excellent coat, moved very well, well handled.”
Best Bitch
BEST OPPOSITE SEX (Best of Breed goes to her sire, Brokk)

Jean Robertson, Darlington Championship Show, September 2007

 “14 month old lovely bitch, correct coat colour and texture, pleasing expression, well angulated with correct feet and moved with drive.”
Best NSC Gundog
Richard Stafford, Ruthin CS, July 2007

“Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, good topline, great wire coat, balanced angulation and thus sound movement.”
Jean Fairlie, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2007

“This pair of Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas were a sire and daughter combination and were a perfect match, they showed and moved to perfection to win their place in such a strong class, both had good coats and were of correct size.”
2nd AV Brace (11 exhibits)
Pam Blay, National Gundog Championship Show, August 2007

“Lovely pretty girl going out of puppy. Very mature, sired by my BOB and has his look. Good colour and textured coat. Sound moving both ways. Very promising.”
Pauline Packham, The National Championship Show, May 2007

 “Balanced all through, blessed with a good coat and furnishings although being of a darker colour this made her eye look paler, correct front with good forechest, bone and feet. With pleasing overall length and well turned stifles she moved well with drive.”
Rachel Thompson, Three Counties Championship Show, June 2007

“Impressive make and shape, shapely head and ears, clean neckline, nicely boned legs and feet, well balanced body, finished in muscular quarters, moves soundly, crisp coat, plenty of animation.”
Best Puppy NSC
Frank Jones, Anglesey CS, May 2007

 “Promising 10 month old bitch. Very together. Good depth of chest and length of back. Well angulated front and rear. Straight front and good feet. Lovely harsh coat. Nice head and expression. Moved with drive. Will watch her progress with interest.”
Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 2
Emma Davies, Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool CS, March 2007

“Presented a shapely correct outline, good head with a lovely expression, long neck into clean well placed shoulders, good boned limbs and oval feet, lovely topline once she settled, well angulated behind, lovely harsh coat with furnishings, moved well.”
Puppy Group 4
Sharon Pinkerton, Stoke on Trent Gundog, January 2007

“Very promising baby, good all through, moved well for age.”
Best Puppy AVNSC Gundog
Jan Wood, LKA Championship Show, December 2006